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One night in Paris

by Kenna & Cox

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released April 5, 2012

Chris Kenna - guitar, vocals
Melissa Cox - violin, backing vocals

with special guest (track 2):
Joe Blaster - percussion on a small wooden stool

Recorded live at the Bizart Café, Paris, 29th March 2012. (Thanks Jeff and Gilles!)

All songs by Chris Kenna.
Recorded and produced by Kenna & Cox.
Mastered at Madatao Mastering, Paris.
Cover layout by Melissa Cox.
Cover photo by Daryl Visscher.


all rights reserved



Kenna & Cox Paris, France

A chance encounter in a Paris bar in 2008 launched a serendipitous collaboration between two Australian musicians: Chris Kenna and Melissa Cox ("he with the voice and soul to raise the dead and she with the melody to make them glad to be alive"). Together, Kenna and Cox have played at festivals around Europe, including in the Netherlands and Ireland, and supported Alabama 3 at Tripod in Dublin. ... more

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Track Name: Big old house
This big old house is as empty as a dried-up well
But each room's got a story that she can tell
Well I see your face, I hear your name
You're dancing like a naked flame
But the burnt-out stones in your fireplace are cold.

I go walking through your body like a dream
I see everything the way it used to be
It's all over now that you have gone
There's nothing but an empty home
And a lifetime full of faded memories.

Broken windows and dust on the shelf
are just tiny little pieces of myself
You're better off now to turn and walk away.

Now the roses in your garden are all gone
And the mailbox is standing all alone.
There's no letters now, or telephone calls,
No laughter in between these walls.
This big old house is sleeping all alone.
Yes this big old house is sleeping all alone.
Track Name: Somebody's watching you
Undercover man for the CIA
Goes to work for another day
Phone-tap conversation tuning in
Better be careful what I say

There's a strange man walking down the end of my street
A strange man sitting on a park bench seat
Swapping newspapers in a market square
Gotta stay cool, gotta be discreet.

Somebody's watching you
Track Name: Gone too long
Someone call the doctor -
I think I'm gonna die.
Someone call my mama
and tell her not to cry.
Someone get my baby
and tell her what went wrong.
Someone tell the people
I won't be gone too long.

Don't forget to see me
when they won't let me come home;
Don't forget to write me
or call me on the phone;
Anything to break the boredom
of being on my own;
Someone tell the people
I won't be gone too long.

If you see me crying
they're not just tears of pain;
and if you hear me laughing
I only laugh to hide the shame.
I've thrown away the needle -
I don't need it any more.
Someone tell the people
I won't be gone too long.
Track Name: The cowboy
My mama was a prostitute
she worked on Fitzroy St
I stood watch on the corner in my youth.
She named me Johnny Harris,
but the boys all called me "Cowboy",
the real name of my dad I never knew.

I was born in a brothel with no need for a doctor
No christening or paperwork for me
Never learned to read or write
but I sure as hell knew how to fight
And I could go for days without a feed.

Give me a twenty-one gun salute
Throw my ashes in the pool
And sing the "Sea of Heartbreak" as I go.

Well my mother died when I was a lad
She was the only family that I ever had
She did the best she could to make me strong
But I fell into a life of crime
and trouble with two friends of mine
We stood side by side when things went wrong.

One day in a battle
I got cut up with a bottle
I lay dying in the arms of Chopper Read
I rode off into the sunset
with a smile on my face
Thinking two good friends is all you ever need.
Yes, two good friends is all you ever need.

Give me a twenty-gun salute...

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