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long way home

by Kenna & Cox

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released May 21, 2016

Chris Kenna—vocals, guitar
Melissa Cox—violin, backing vocals

All songs by Chris Kenna.
Produced by Kenna & Cox.
Recorded and mixed by Nicolas Roy at DGD Music Studios, Paris.
Mastered at ColorSound Mastering, Paris.
Cover photo by Chris Kenna. Cover layout by Melissa Cox.

Chris Kenna would like to dedicate this album to the memory of Marie-Odile Brochet, whose support has always been, and continues to be, invaluable.


all rights reserved



Kenna & Cox Paris, France

A chance encounter in a Paris bar in 2008 launched a serendipitous collaboration between two Australian musicians: Chris Kenna and Melissa Cox ("he with the voice and soul to raise the dead and she with the melody to make them glad to be alive"). Together, Kenna and Cox have played at festivals around Europe, including in the Netherlands and Ireland, and supported Alabama 3 at Tripod in Dublin. ... more

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Track Name: walk a straighter line
Do you want me to run?
Do you want me to fly away?
Leave the deal never done
And come back another day.

Take a step back,
don't give yourself a heart attack;
Walk a straighter line
everything will be fine.
You can live to see another day,
Everything is gonna be okay,
Do what you choose
Now you're on your way.

Do you want me to lie
so you can break down and cry?
Do you want me to steal?
Will you be my alibi?
Track Name: picture girl
Your mama was a picture girl
in a ten dollar magazine;
she's been all around the world
in a long black limousine.
She got a house in New York City,
she got a mansion by the sea.
Everybody tells her she's still pretty,
and she will always be.

Oh, picture girl
just what happened to your world?
Did you lose your place to another face
or did someone come and steal your pearls?
Your mama was a picture girl.

Everybody's seen your face on that TV,
everybody's seen you on that screen;
now someone's making up stories
just to sell their magazine.

Oh picture girl...
Track Name: long way home
People are standing
all over the hill;
dark clouds are forming,
but the rain stood still.
I watched you from across the river,
I was sitting underneath a tree.
I didn't want to go over,
it was close enough for me.

They bury your body in a hole,
pray to God for your soul.
You've got a long way to go.

She brings you flowers in the morning,
lays them down by your grave;
go to the church in the evening,
Lord your soul to save.
You've got a long way,
long way to get back home.

Water keeps rising,
the darkness sets in.
When this day is over
we're all gonna pay for our sins.
You've got a long way to get back home.

Ain't no one gonna help you -
you've just got to walk it
all alone.
Track Name: will she ever
Drive to Adelaide in the pouring rain,
it's good to see those lights again.
You sit up all night long
in a motel room with a view.
On your way to never-never land
just to touch that desert sand,
and no one knows the reason why you do.

You broke anchor in the night -
slipped away without a fight.
You never know how far you'll go without her.
Throw your wedding ring in the rubbish bin,
pack your bags and walk away.
Will she ever learn?

Make your way from Hargreave Street
To the Icebergs for a treat,
you watch the riders carving up the waves on loan.
Neon sign red and blue,
from the Junction on the New -
it's the road I used to take to get back home.

You broke anchor...

Will she ever learn?
You can never return.
Track Name: ryan of the rope
Cigarette burns in an ashtray
but there's no one in the room.
I hang around even though I can't stay;
they're gonna pull that lever soon.

Doing time again,
waiting for the end.

Well it's a no-win situation:
nothing's gonna save me this time.
I guess I know my destination;
I'm at the end of the line.

Doing time again,
waiting for the end.
Track Name: same old story
When I whisper in your ear
will you hear me?
When I call you in the phone
are you alone?
When I reach out for your hand
will you hold me?
When I tell you that I'm lonely
will you come home?

Same old story,
same old heavy load,
same old lies,
same old broken road.

Well you walk that walk and you talk that talk,
you make me feel just like a fool.
Strut your stuff for all to see -
am I really just your mule?

Same old story...

Stolen fruit is sweet enough
but sooner or later you've got to pay the price.
No direction, lost at sea,
any port in a storm will rescue me.

Same old story...
Track Name: give up everything
Shine a light on my evil baby,
shine a light on my sin;
When you're dancing with the devil baby
that line is very thin.

Give up everything,
everything I ever had for you baby;
I'd give up everything,
everything I ever had for you baby.

Show me the danger baby,
show me the thrill;
don't be a stranger baby,
let me swallow your pill.

Give up everything...

Take away my money babe,
take away my soul;
you suck the life right of me babe,
you suck it.

Give up everything...
Track Name: home to me
Church bells are ringing,
Choir girls are singing,
somebody's bringing you home to me.

Church bells are ringing,
angels are singing,
somebody's bringing you home to me.
Somebody's bringing you home to me.

Somebody talked to much,
somebody lied.
Somebody tried to cut you down to size.
Take it or leave it baby,
some day you will realise.
Track Name: say goodbye
I never had the chance to tell you how much I love you.
I never had the chance to tell you why.
Never had the chance to tell you how much I miss you darling;
I never had the chance to say goodbye.

I never had the chance to tell you how much I love you.
I never had the chance to tell you why.
Never had the chance to tell you how much I miss you darling;
I never had the chance to say goodbye.

When I held you, when I held you in my arms
for the first time baby,
I didn't know what I should do.
But I knew that it would last, last forever darling;
If I could just hold you in my arms one more time baby
That would make all of my dreams come true.

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